​- Feel like REAL RACE FAN -

Stand or sit on the best spots of the racetrack 

just as you could be in real life

Race Fan Experience 2021 Release

For the first time ever the most authentic spectator immersion in iRacng. Install  in just a few seconds.

  • Have you ever imagined what it feels like standing in Eau Rouge, or taking a photo while leaning on the wall at La Source...?

  • How does it feel to see race cars flying by over 300kph at Monza when you stand only a few meters away...?

  • In the sim does immersion end for you when you quit the car...? Why not keep immersed during the whole time you are in the session?

If you alreqady getting goose bumps click the button below.

Who is it for?
  • This specially developed camera package is for all iRacing users with monitor setup

  • Most authentic spectator simulation

  • Since iRacing big screens don't show the on track action this also means - like in real life - you may not see all the action all the time

  • Have general admission or sit on the grandstands. Be a track marshal or be a VIP guest...

  • Immersion does not stop when you quit the car


iRacingSim64DX11 2019-11-12 07-58-57-36.
iRacingSim64DX11 2019-11-16 14-02-26-93.
  • This package is not for you if you're only looking for TV style broadcast cameras perfectly covering all parts of the racetrack - in this case check out my other offerings

  • This is not for you if you only have a VR set but no monitor. In this case check out the special VR package cameras.

What do I get?

  • Group1 (Scenic) - enjoy the scenery

  • Group 2 (Real Life Replica) - a real life event replica. Typically Formula 1, Indycar, Endurance seires or Supercars.

  • Group 3 (TV2 alternate) - special close ups

  • Group 4 (FanCam) - 2-3 set of camera groups exclusively developed to simulate a race fan at track experience. Depending on track this includes general admission or grandstand positions, standing trackside. It contains mostly human eye perspective but I also added various cameras simulating a consumer camera with zoom. Some cameras pick up the action before the car is visible but in a pleasant way for your eye and it really gives you that being at the trackside experience.

  • Group 5 - 2-3 set of camera groups covering the track with marshal positions.

  • PitLane - dedicated pitlane camera group covering the whole pitlane with entry and exit

Other features:

  • Zoomed cameras are now mixed into the FanCam groups. It gives you a more dynamic experience addtional to static fov cameras.

  • As you can see on the grouping FanCam and Marshal cams are now separated into standalone groups. So you decide from which perspective you wish to follow the action.

  • Some tracks have additional FanCam or Marshal groups only applicable to that track. This depends on track geometry mostly.

The current iRacing environment is still quite steril but there is constant progress on iRacing side to making it better. You can already feel like you're being on the track.

With the special placement of the cameras you have trackside object between the car and you. This gives the best immersion to experience the 'real' speed of cars.

And as the iRacing platform evolves its visuals and audio and also the damage model, the immersion will just get better and better...

FanCam - Monza

FanCam - Monza

Fans cheer at Monza

FanCam - Okyama

FanCam - Okyama

This is an example how cameras are placed in the crowd

FanCam - COTA

FanCam - COTA

Grandstand view at COTA

Marshal Cam - Monza

Marshal Cam - Monza

Entering Parabolica

FanCam - Imola

FanCam - Imola

A good view from the rooftop

Marshal Cam - Chicago

Marshal Cam - Chicago

You are a photographer in this case :)

FanCam - Sebring

FanCam - Sebring

Standing on your car to get the best view (3rd person view)

Marshal Cam - Monza

Marshal Cam - Monza

It's scary close

Marshal Cam - Monza

Marshal Cam - Monza

Speed, speed, speed

Marshal Cam - Spa

Marshal Cam - Spa

THE 2nd best place to be at Spa

FanCam - Donington

FanCam - Donington

Walking to the bridge

Marshal Cam - Interlagos

Marshal Cam - Interlagos

Can't get any closer

Marshal Cam - Detroit

Marshal Cam - Detroit

This concept works great on street tracks

Marshal Cam - Suzuka

Marshal Cam - Suzuka

Close as possible



Camera man pont of view

Marshal Cam - Monza

Marshal Cam - Monza

Being at the braking zone is always exciting

FanCam - Spa

FanCam - Spa


Current List of Tracks (2021 july)
tracks in green are brand new and currently only part of this package
it reads: track name - status (real life camera replica)

  • Barcelona GP - updated (Formula 1 2019)

  • Barcelona Classic - no update (Formula 1 1991)

  • Bathurst - new (Bathurst 1000)

  • Charlotte 2019 Roval - new (Nascar 2020)*

  • Charlotte 2018 Roval - no update

  • Chicago Street - new**

  • COTA GP - new (Formula 1 2016-2017)

  • Detroit - updated (Indycar 2018)

  • Donington GP - no update (Formula 1 1993)

  • Hockenheim GP - new (Formula 1 2019)

  • Imola - updated (Formula 1 2020)

  • Interlagos - updated (Formula 1 1991 and modern age)

  • Laguna Seca - updated (Indycar 2019)*

  • Lime Rock - no update*

  • Long Beach - new (Indycar 2019)

  • Montreal - updated (Formula 1 1991 and 2016)

  • Monza - updated (Formula 1 2020)

  • Nurburgring GP - updated (Formula 1 2020)

  • Nurburgring BES - updated

  • Okyama - no update*

  • Oran Park - no update (Supercars 2008)*

  • Red Bull Ring - new (Formula 1 2020)

  • Road America - new (Indycar 2019)

  • Road Atlanta - new (Petit LeMans 2020)

  • Sebring - new (12hrs of Sebring 2021)

  • Silverstone GP - updated (Formula 1 2020)

  • Silverstone National - no update

  • Spa GP - updated (Formula 1 2020)

  • Suzuka - updated (Formula 1 from early 90's and modern age)

  • Tsukuba 2k - no update

  • Zandvoort GP - no update*


* Available as part of FanCam base package.


**No real life camera replica exists for Chicago but it got my custom TV style set