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Features - ROAD

1:1 real life camera angle replicas

These video examples were not exclusively the basis, just to give you a feel:


Formula 1


Classics (2013 and pre-, mainly early 90's)

GT / Endurance


Pre 2015


Other tracks have also some real life angles but not combined in a dedicated cam set yet.

Other Features

Accuracy and detail - cameras on 'realistic' positions (behind fence, on poles, etc), real life camera positions. Trying to create variing camera angles with placement and carefully planned and updated camera transitions. Pursue realism just what iRacing is aiming for.

Static TV, DynamicTV - see video demos here

Cinematic angles with depth of field enabled and fine tuned - Aiming for best visuals possible. Utilizing depth of field effects to enhance feeling of distance.

Continous updates - you can expect updates because i'm never satisfied :)

About Camera groups available

In general I use 5-6 camera groups (there can be some exceptions):

  • Real life replica - TV style real life replica of various iconic events for the given track

  • Group1 (TV1) is custom TV style similar to real life replicas

  • Group2 (TV2) probably the most cinematic, getting the most out of depth of field and focusing to deliver good images of the car (to give some feeling of speed, to better show paints, duels close, etc)

  • Group 3 (TV3) set is wider zoom showing longer sections of track (useful at starts or to follow multi car actions)

  • Group 4 (StaticTV) - uses static aim type cameras

  • Group 5 (DynamicTV) - simulates low altitude chopper (check the second video)

  • Group 6 (Random TV) - contains best of group1-5 angles plus a few more and including onboards to give you full TV style experience

  • PitLane - dedicated pitlane camera group covering the whole pitlane with entry and exit

  • Scenic - updated scenics with more cinematics

Example of real life camera position observation - 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

MP4-30 onboard iRacing vs TV

More examples (click on image for description)