Oval Package



  • Available camera groups​

    • In general I use 5-6 TV style camera groups (there can be some exceptions):

    • Real life replica - TV style real life replica of various iconic events for the given track. In case of ovals all of the tracks are frequently used in iRacing official Nascar series and all of them have real life Nascar Monster Energy Cup event camera replicas from 2016-2019 to give exactly what you can see on TV (like FOX, NBCSN or SPEED, etc). I linked the broadcasts I used as a base.

    • Group1 (TV1) is my custom TV style similar to real life replicas

    • Group2 (TV2) my custom and probably the most cinematic, getting the most out of depth of field and focusing to deliver good images of the car (to give some feeling of speed, to better show paints, duels close, etc)

    • Group 3 (TV3) set is wider zoom showing longer sections of track (useful at starts or to follow multi car actions or wrecks)

    • Group 4 (StaticTV) - or Crank it UP - uses static aim type cameras (check out the about section)

    • Group 5 (DynamicTV) - simulates low altitude chopper (check out the about section)

    • PitLane - dedicated pitlane camera group covering the whole pitlane with entry and exit

    • Scenic - updated scenics with more cinematics. Check the video I made below to see how it looks like.

  • Additional features vary per track

    • Spotter - single high positioned spotter cam

    • Grid - special gridding only view, works best while selecting front row cars

    • Green - a subset of cameras best showing green flag lap (only for tracks marked below)

    • Fan Cam - just like you would be sitting in the crowd at the real event (only for tracks marked below)

    • Super low DynamicTV - Special set camera (typically Dynamic TV3) moving along with the cars on top of the conrete wall in T1-T2 and T3-T4. It can be out of sequence sometimes but only for 2-3 laps (in this case use regular DynamicTV to view from a little higher).

Please let me show these in action. Check my video about oval camera features on youtube. Allowing subtitles on first video will tell you what track and what camera is used during a shot. The second video is made for the 2019 release and aims to show you the true speed of the cars.

This is a list of tracks and cars in the Oval package.


  • Atlanta - with Nascar 2017, Spotter and FanCam

  • Bristol - with Nascar 2017, Sspotter and Grid cameras

  • AutoClub - with Nascar 2016, Spotter, Grid and Green camera

  • Charlotte 2018 - with Nascar 2016, Spotter, Grid, Green camera, FanCam, VR version

  • Chicagoland - with Nascar 2016, Spotter, Grid, Start and Super low DynamicTV3

  • Darlington - with Nascar 2016 and Spotter cameras

  • Daytona 2011 -with 2016 Daytona 500, Gris, Green and FanCam

  • Dover - with Nascar 2017, Grid and Spotter cameras

  • Homestead Miami - with Nascar 2016, Spotter and Green cameras

  • Indianapolis Oval - with Nascar 2017, Spotter, Grid and FanCam

  • Indianapolis Indy Oval - with Indy500 2017, Spotter, Grid, Green and FanCam

  • Kansas - with Nascar 2017, Spotter, Green and FanCam

  • Las Vegas - with Nascar 2016, Spotter and Green cameras

  • Martinsville - with Nascar 2017, Spotter and FanCam

  • Michigan 2018 - with Nascar 2019, Spotter, Grid and FanCam

  • New Hampshire - with Nascar 2016 and Spotter cameras

  • Phoenix (oval and oval open) - with Nascar 2017, Spotter and Grid cameras

  • Pocono 2016 - with Nascar 2019, Spotter and Grid cameras

  • Richmond - with Nascar 2017, Spotter, Grid and FanCam

  • Sonoma - with Nascar 2016 cameras

  • Talladega - with Nascar 2019, Spotter, Grid and FanCam

  • Texas 2020 and Texas Legacy - with Nascar 2016, Spotter, Grid, Green and FanCam

Oval Car cameras

  • Dallara DW12

  • Dallara IR18

  • NASCAR Chevrolet Silverado 2019

  • NASCAR Toyota Thundra 2015

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet SS

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford Fusion

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2018

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Ford Mustang 2019

  • NASCAR Sprint Cup Toyota Camry

  • NASCAR Xfinity Chervrolet Camaro 2019

  • NASCAR Xfinity Ford Mustang 2019

  • NASCAR Xfinity Toyota Supra 2019

  • NASCAR Xfinity Chervrolet Camaro 2014

  • NASCAR Xfinity Ford Mustang 2013

  • NASCAR Xfinity Toyota Camry 2015



Oval tracks are available in various packages.

  • Gold Package: Fully feature oval tracks. Including 3-4 TV style camera groups, with real life Nascar or Indycar cameras plus StaticTV, DynamicTV, FanCam, Spotter, Grid and Green camera groups.

  • Silver Package: Simplified package with real life cameras in focus (Nascar or Indycar).

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Oval cameras screenshots (click on image for description)

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