2022S3 Road Content Add-on
  • 2022S3 Road Content Add-on


    This is an extension with the iRacing 2022S3 new road content release.

    Cars: Mercedes GT3 2020, Mercedes GT4, Radical SR10

    Tracks: Fuji GP, Fuji No Chicane, Sandown

    Currently this is a standalone product and not part of any other package but contains similar quality and features as the Premium Package. You can read more about the fetures at the Premium Package section: https://www.trackcams22.com/packagepremium

    Please note that this is for private use only. You are not allowed to share the full package or any part of it in any form.

    By default you are not entitled to use these cameras in any  broadcasts / stream. But if you wish to do so its very simple: just send your request to trackcams22@gmail.com with you channel link. I assess your situation and depending on your request I define the conditions. (Those may start from giving me credits in a simple pre-defined form).