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2023R2.1 Premium Road Package
  • 2023R2.1 Premium Road Package

    SKU: 2023PRMR21


    Contains 92 track configurations and 96 cars based on the 2024 S1 iRacing build. Featuring 3-5 TV style camera groups, with real life F1, IMSA, GT, etc cameras plus StaticTV, DynamicTV camera groups.

    All of my road content with full features. It also includes simplified version of Nordschleife and Combined layouts.

    Please note that this is for private use only. You are not allowed to share the full package or any part of it in any form.

    By default you are not entitled to use these cameras in any  broadcasts / stream. But if you wish to do so its very simple: just send your request to with you channel link. I quickly assess your situation and depending on your request I may just require giving me credits in a simple pre-defined form.

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