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Install Guide

Its really simple 2 step process - extract zip file and load camera files in iRacing.

Step0 - Verify folders to be sure they exist
- check if you have the following folder structure (this should be created during iRacing installation):

Step1 - Extract zip file
- extract the track_cams_BI_<...>.zip file here c:\Users\<...>\Documents\iRacing\cameras\

- your cars and tracks folders should be populated with my camera (.cam) files

- files still have to be loaded in sim to be able to use them, go to Step2
Step2 - Load camera files
- go back to iRacing. You can enter the camera tool when in an online/offline session or in replay mode by hitting CTRL-F12 at any time when not driving.
- on 'Camera' tab hit 'load track' and select the corresponding track camera file

- on 'Camera' tab hit 'load car' and select the corresponding car camera file


- when not driving use C or SHIFT-C to select between camera groups
- you can go back to default cameras any time if you simply remove my files


Additional description from iRacing camera tool documentation:
Track/Car saving and loading
At any time you can hit savetrack or savecar to write your edited cameras out to disk.
The cameras are located in ‘[My Documents]\iRacing\cameras\tracks\[track name]’ or ‘[My Documents]\iRacing\cameras\cars\[car name]’ respectively.
These files are your local copy of the camera files, and do not affect the internal camera files already stored with the tracks and cars.
You can save multiple camera sets, and load them back up using the load track and load car buttons. From here you can also load the default camera sets.

Finally a short video show you how to launch spectator mode in iRacing.

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