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Screenshot Gallery

Welcome to my humble gallery. This section contains various iRacing photographs that I take during new track development.

I have a lot more than I use on the web page so I decided to share them in the below gallerys.

 The 'Best Of' gallery contains photos I like the most.

'Close Ups' gallery focuses on the details.

'Balck & White' speaks for itself but occasionally I left some colors visible to add a little twist.

'Crash' contains some crash scenes.

'Classic' gallery takes you back to the 'old times'.

'Car Paints' showcase my paints I did so far. But currently I'm not doing paints.

These pictures are from random races and in some case I have multiple variations not even shared here. So I started a thread in the iRacing Forum (Featuring You - A Specator's log-book) where I post more photos with session number and will tag the driver if they are a registered forum member. With this I wish to give you a chance to identify yourself based or your team mate and hopefully it will make you happy :)

Special Offer

If I'm available I can make screenshots for you, your team to present it in your race report, various social media or other forums. I usually take photos while I'm working on cameras. I think it would be a great opportunity for you to share with me your race(!) replays and if you let me know the car # you're interested in, I might just take some photos of that :) Please contact me for details.

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