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Spectating TV style is old school.


as a real race fan does.

VR Experience

For the first time ever the most authentic spectator immersion in iRacng for VR users. Install  in just a few seconds.

  • Have you ever imagined what it feels like standing in Eau Rouge, or taking a photo while leaning on the wall at La Source...?

  • How does it feel to see race cars flying by over 300kph at Monza when you stand only a few meters away...?

  • In the sim does immersion end for you when you quit the car...? Why not keep immersed during the whole time you are in the session?

If you alreqady getting goose bumps click the button below.

Who is it for?
  • This specially developed camera package is for VR users only.

  • Most authentic spectator simulation

  • Since iRacing big screens don't show the on track action this also means - like in real life - you may not see all the action all the time

  • No more nausea - hopefully :)

  • Have general admission or sit on the grandstands. Be a track marshal or be a VIP guest...

  • Immersion does not stop when you quit the car.


iRacingSim64DX11 2019-11-12 07-58-57-36.
iRacingSim64DX11 2019-11-16 14-02-26-93.
  • This package is not for you if you're looking for TV style broadcast - in this case check out my other offerings

  • This is not for you if you don't have a VR set but only monitor

  • You have full control where you want to look.This also means you need to turn your head actively.

What do I get?

  • Group1 (Scenic) - VR experience - enjoy the scenery

  • Group2 (Grid) - VR experience - stand very close to the gridding cars (standing start)

  • Group 3 (VR) - VR experience - 2-5 set of camera groups exclusively to be used with a VR headset. Depending on track this includes general admission or grandstand positions, Marshal post positions or standing trackside - this one is the most spectacular.  

  • Group 4 (TV style) - for monitor - this simple camera group can be used in case you switch to monitor.

  • PitLane - VR experience - dedicated pitlane camera group covering the whole pitlane with entry and exit

And the feeling of being a real race fan... The current iRacing environment is still quite steril but there is constant progress on iRacing side to making it better. You can already feel like you're being on the track. And as the iRacing platform evolves visually and also the damage model, the immersion will just automatically get better and better...

If you are a VR user you can not afford to not have this.

Current List of Tracks

  • Barcelona GP*

  • Detroit

  • Charlotte Oval*

  • Donington GP*

  • Interlagos

  • Laguna Seca*

  • Montreal

  • Monza GP

  • Spa GP

  • Suzuka


* Available for free as part of VR BASE package.




Since I developed the VR cameras without having VR I need your feedback! The VR Experience is just the initial release I'm sure it can be improved in many ways. But I don't have VR and I NEED YOUR HELP to improve this further.


You can also reply in my iRacing thread if its more convenient:

Physical movement of head - Please let me know about how comfortable is for you the starting direction of the cameras.

1. Based from initial feedback from Olli I set up the grandstand cameras all looking stright ahead. So you need to turn 90degrees lef or right if you want to view along the track.

2. For spots where standing position is simulated I tried to incorporate the body position facing more towards the direction from where the cars are approaching. Let me know if this works.

3. How comfortable is turning around and following cars in hairpins like Donington, Montreal or Spa. What is the maximum and still comfortable turn angle for your head?


Camera transition lenght
4. There are various camera groups that have shorter and longer transitions. How does that work?
If its a shorter transition I tried to make it like this - if you follow a car and end up with your head turning left then the next camera should pick the car up coming from the left. So you don't get disoriented and don't need to quickly swing your head to the opposite direction.


5. You are using various equipment. Let me know if there is any resolution issue. Some camera transitions are quite long so camera picks up early to simulate the feeling you are standing and waiting for the cars to fly by. For example cars far far in the distance (like Kemmel straight at Spa or similar) are they looking ok?


6. Overall tell me after how long period of a time you get uncomfortable (if it happens). In general how long could you spectate a race or endurance event with the default cameras and how long with this VR Experience cameras? Does my VR set make you more comfortable? Very important please let me know.

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