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Track Camera Preview

Hello Friends,

I'm Istvan and I customize the track and car camera angles in iRacing.


First of all I'm very excited and happy when I look back and look ahead at the same time. I'm really happy to see so many of you enjoy what I do. Directly through spectating an iRacing session or indirectly watching the iRacing broadcasts.

I'm really happy to see on the responses that you like what I do. It motivates me to keep working on this. Whenever I load an iRacing reply or spectate I always keep my eyes open for improvements.

Thank you for visiting this page. Below you can see demonstration videos and you can also read about the features. In the Gallery section you can check photos made with the help of the cameras.


This is a little video teaser about what is waiting for you. At the end its all about racing isn't it? :)

Looking back I started all the camera work just for my needs and in 2012 I thought about releasing it to others. I constantly looked for improvements to satisfy my needs. I introduced DynamicTV and added StaticTV and started releasing real life event replica angles.

Here is a demonstration video of the early Dynamic TV. Since then I introduced so much more. Dynamic TV imitates low altitude chopper or drone or when you can see real life cameras moving on wires just above the track. In this video one of my favorite shot is the slow section at Phillip Island. Starting with the magnificent view with the sea in the background. Eau Rouge at Spa or T1 at Sebring looks also great think.



Accuracy and detail - cameras on 'realistic' positions (behind fence, on poles, etc), real life camera positions. Trying to create varying (TV style) camera angles with carefully planned and executed camera transitions. Pursue realism just what iRacing is aiming for.

Static TV - see both video demos above. StaticTV is a static aim and mostly static FOV camera type. Best to use for screenshots.

DynamicTV - chopper or drone style camera constantly circulating above the track bringing you different view points lap after lap. Sometimes its higher and sometimes its super low bringing you very cinematic shots.


FanCam - it takes you to the trackside like you are one of the crowd. Feel like virtual racing fan visiting and walking along the track.

Cinematic angles - Overall for all cameras I use depth of field enabled and fine tuned - Aiming for best visuals possible. Utilizing depth of field effects to enhance feeling of distance.

Continous updates - you can expect updates because i'm never satisfied :)

Example of real life camera position observation - 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix

MP4-30 onboard iRacing vs TV

More examples (click on image for description)

I was still not satisfied and season by season I continued to release new updates and add new tracks and configs. I was really really happy to see people started using it and even broadcasters...
Quality and content grew over these last 5 years and I'm really happy seeing them in action in many broadcasts including all top official series (iWCGPS, NPAS, Blancpain GT) and prestigious leauge races like NES.

Over time I set my standards higher and higher and I realized to fulfill that today requires a lot of work each time a new content is released and adopting to iRacings latest builds. I did not tried any of iRacings competitors yet but I feel the spirit of iRacing and the standards it represents are the closest to me and what I try to achieve with my camera sets.

In 2016-2017 I started to specifically make updates and improvements to better support broadcasters. I added more real life angles, dynamic scenics and improved camera transitions - some things that I think you hardly notice but there is a lot of testing behind it.


Regarding my current pack I'm quite happy personally. And there is so much more I can add. After five years in 2018 I expanded my road portfolio to ovals and RallyCross.

Please check this little teaser about oval racing features:

Some statistic (numbers are approcimate since I had to collect the full list of cars and tracks manually).

60 / 77 (78%) cars are available:

Road cars - 44/48 (92%)

Oval Cars - 15/23 (65%)

Dirt Road Cars - 3/3 (100%)

Dirt Oval Cars - 1/6 (17%)

105  /153 (68%) tracks are available.

Here is important to note that I removed tracks never or very rarely used in iRacing official series. That would mean a total of 245 layouts. The reamaining 153 tracks should cover 95-99% of any iRacing official schedule.

Road tracks - 70/76 (92%)

Oval tracks - 24/29 (85%)

Oval short tracks - 2/19 (11%)

Dirt Road tracks - 7/8 (88%)

Dirt Oval tracks - 1/9 (11%)

Roval tracks - 1/5 (20%)

Time and effort I put in:

To develop the base version of a generic track today (like Charlotte Roval) takes about 10-16 hours. Enhancements and testing until the first releasable version takes about additional 14-16 hours by spectating minimum 3-4 different races and after that loading replays several times.

Most tracks in the below list have gone through 6-8 or more iterations. Depending on complexity a new iteration can take 4-20 hours. Earliest tracks like Spa GP has already around 30+ iterations.

Combining all this I calculated the below price that don't cover all the time went in but helps me to continue and improve further. Thank you.

I'm very very excited about the future improvements in the iRacing platform itself. Improved visuals and other stuff will make the current angles look even better and more cinematic. Until I feel iRacing is the best platform and the keep improving and growing keep doing it and release continous updates to the community.

The result is also this web page. Please give me your feedback about any aspect of my work so I can improve and hopefully you can get more value from this.

>>>Please note<<<

You will need a valid iRacing membership to use the camera packages.


Please visit the official iRacing website to register.