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'Your cameras have added a real level of immersion to the broadcast, and the directors who direct a lot of real life racing, have been very impressed with your eye for detail. ' - James C
Official iRacing series and special events supported 2020
Fan comments from my iRacing thread

'Absolutely amazing views.'

'Just got this, fast and easy download, very impressed.'

'Wow this is awesome, I can't stand default cameras at some tracks, these look amazing. Thanks for all the work you put into this!'

'without you I would probably never have watched any iracing broadcasts'

'What you have provided is an INCREDIBLE service that must of taken a lot of planning, research and time to put together.'

'your work is astonishing! Thanks'

'these camera packs are amazing, i can't go back to stock cameras anymore. no way.'

'these have been a revelation. I now sit around for ages after a race to watch the replay as it's so gorgeous!! Looking forward to your magic for Monza!!'

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