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2020-2022 Supercars eSeries partner:
'Your cameras have added a level of immersion to the broadcast that we have not seen before in iRacing.
The directors who direct a lot of real life racing, have been very impressed with your eye for detail. Both commentators and viewers alike have made comment about how real everything looks.

Your cameras have helped the BP Supercars All Stars Eseries to become one of the most memorable sim racing broadcasts ever.'

- James C -

'I have been watching the Supercars broadcasts these last few weeks and I've been so very impressed with the camerawork. 
They add such a lifelike quality to the experience.  Having dealt with these systems for the last twenty years, I know that it is just as much an art as it is a science, and you have a great artistic eye.'
- Greg H, iRacing -
Official iRacing series and special events supported 2020-2022
Other present and past broadcaster partners and streamers
Main Simracing Broadcaster Partner until 2022:
Track Cams for Gourmets is with Racespot TV since they were born. And I'm very happy to see their suport over the years. You can check many great boradcast and see my cameras in aciton operated by one of the best simracing boradcast teams.
Fan comments and feedback

'Absolutely amazing views.' - K.B-B.

'The cameras and their variety are the best of all racing sims on the market.' - C.G.

'Excellent Job !!!! Awesome. i watch a replay of my race at sebring and i thought see my TV  PERFECT !!!!' - L.L.

'Another post has brought to my attention the fact that this is HARD WORK!

Creating .cam files is neither quick nor easy. On top of that, doing something of Istvan's quality is truly something special. Thank you Istvan, your work is clearly a "game changer" and the iRacing community is FAR BETTER for having you! awesome to the last detail THANKS!' - D.B.

'Just got this, fast and easy download, very impressed.' - K.N.

'Wow this is awesome, I can't stand default cameras at some tracks, these look amazing. Thanks for all the work you put into this!' - J.B.Jr

​'What you have provided is an INCREDIBLE service that must of taken a lot of planning, research and time to put together.' - AJ. C.

​'these camera packs are amazing, i can't go back to stock cameras anymore. no way.' - S.V.

'these have been a revelation. I now sit around for ages after a race to watch the replay as it's so gorgeous!!'

- T.M.

From Streamers - please check them out to see cameras in action

'Btw, these cameras are incredible, just watched a random nords 24h practice server .... holy shit its good, awesome work!!!' - Dan Suzuki

​'Your camera pack is a big part of the reason for the success of my channel..And I'm never shy about saying that.... - The camera packs were just that good...iRacings were just so bland and boring....There was no drama or production to the reviews....Your camera packs changed the cooldown period between races into a top split watch party for my channel.  That's worth it every time.' - Fumangshu1

Your Feedback Matters
Please let me know your feedback or improvement idea. If you found a bug or refer a certain camera please try to specify car camera and track/camera group/camera name).
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