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Supercars (OZ) Package - 2023R2
Last update: 2023.11


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Give me a feedback about the cameras or about the website and get the coupon code. (if you're new check the free Base package first)

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If you are an enthusiastic Supercars fan I made this custom package for you. I was involved in multiple iRacing broadcasts (including the 2020-2022 eSeries) utilizing moslty the real life replica cameras.

Take a look, this is just one race from the series. This level of simracing broadcasting I think sets the standard for everyone and I'm proud that I could contribute to this with the cameras.

NOTE: this package is a subset of the Premium Package. Please select this if you have a limited budget and only need this type of car/tracks and not all road content from the Premium Package. If you already have the latest Premium Package you don't need this!

In case you decide for this package now and later you find you wish to upgrade to the Premium Package, just contact me please and I can give you a discount.

From the very begining I noticed that these cars look very cool from a spectator point of view so I do my best to make them look even better.

Lately iRacing released multiple tracks so I thought it makes sense to dedicate a package to this type of content.

I will check how popular this is and I will add any related content in case we get such. I'm open for your feedback to add 2-3 other tracks regularly used by this series on iRacing that suit well these cars.


Whats new?

1 track update

  • Sandown


  • Various Supercars real life camera replicas from past to present (see below)

  • SpeedCam

  • Pole Camera

General information about available camera groups​

In general I use 5-6 camera groups (there can be some exceptions):

  • Grid view - a special camera group is added to show the grid only

  • Pole Cam - pole sitter camera. Works for standing starts and at certain tracks only

  • Real life replica - TV style real life replica of various iconic events for the given track

  • Group1 (TV1) is custom TV style similar to real life replicas

  • Group2 (TV2) probably the most cinematic, getting the most out of depth of field and focusing to deliver good images of the car (to give some feeling of speed, to better show paints, duels close, etc)

  • Group 3 (TV3) set is wider zoom showing longer sections of track (useful at starts or to follow multi car actions)

  • Group 4 (StaticTV) - uses static aim type cameras

  • SpeedCam (static camera) - low positioned, wide angle cameras very close or even embedded in track surface, kerbs. At certain tracks only.

  • Group 5 (DynamicTV) - simulates low altitude chopper (check the second video)

  • Group 6 (Random TV) - contains best of group1-5 angles plus a few more and including onboards to give you full TV style experience. I'm phasing this out because the regular TV1-3 groups already provide full TV style experience.

  • PitLane - dedicated pitlane camera group covering the whole pitlane with entry and exit

  • Scenic - updated scenics with more cinematics (only most popular tracks has this feature). Check this video.

This second video is just a nice compliment from the live broadcast of the Supercars eSeries.

​​List of tracks

I also linked as many real life event coverage as possible so you can check and compare the accuracy of the camera replicas.

Bold means tracks with dedicated real life event camera sets.

  • Bathurst - with 2014-2015, 2022 Bathurst 1000 cameras

  • Oran Park - with Supercars 2008 cameras

  • Phillip Island - with V8SC Supercars cameras

  • Sandown - with 2014, 2021 Supercars cameras

  • Winton National - with 2014, 2022 Supercars cameras

  • Winton Club

  • Cota West - with 2013 V8SC cameras


List of cars

All cars have optimized camera shake effect for more realism. Multiple cars have onboard cameras that can be rotated up to 180 or 360 degrees. Check this video.

  • Ford Falcon FG V8 2009 (legacy)

  • Ford Falcon (2014)

  • Holden Commodore VF V8 (2014)

  • Ford Mustang GT 2019

  • Holden Commodore 2019

​​​To develop the base version of a generic track today (like Bathust) takes about 10-16 hours. Enhancements and testing until the first releasable version takes about additional 14-16 hours by spectating minimum 3-4 different races and after that loading replays several times.

Most tracks in the above list have gone through 8 or more iterations. Depending on complexity a new iteration can take 4-20 hours.

Together with the rest of track configurations it takes more and more time and effort to maintain all this. Alone I'm not able to review 90+ tracks so your feedback is extremely important if you find something not working. Your support helps me to continue and improve further. Thank you.

Cars and tracks in OZ package are available below but you can also choose from other packages.

  • Formula Package is a subset of the Premium package containing selected cars and tracks. It has the same quality and same features and selection is based on most popular open wheel iRacing schedule. Click here for more information.

  • GT/Endurance Package is a subset of the Premium package containing selected tracks and cars. It has the same quality and same features and selection is based on most popular GT and Endurance iRacing schedule. Click here for more information.

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