Green Hell (Nordschleife) Package

This is a list of tracks and cars in the Green Hell package. Contains Nordschleife and Nurburgring Combined all layouts.

It was my biggest project so far and since the track is so huge unfortunately I'm still limited by the number of cameras iRacing allows per track. The shorter Nordschleife only configs have a little more camera variety than the longer combined layouts.

After 2020S1 iRacing build the number of cameras per track is increased so I was able to add more camera groups:

  • Real life replica - TV style real life replica of the 2016 24hour and VLN for the reposective track layouts

  • Group1 (TV1) is custom TV style similar to real life replicas

  • Group2 (TV2) probably the most cinematic, getting the most out of depth of field and focusing to deliver good images of the car (to give some feeling of speed, to better show paints, duels close, etc)

  • Group 3 (TV3) set is wider zoom showing longer sections of track (useful at starts or to follow multi car actions)

  • Group 4 (StaticTV) - uses static aim type cameras.

  • Group 5 (DynamicTV) - simulates low altitude chopper (check the second video)

  • Group 6 (Random TV) - contains best of group1-5 angles plus a few more and including onboards to give you full TV style experience

  • PitLane - dedicated pitlane camera group covering the whole pitlane with entry and exit

  • Scenic - Static and Dynamic scenics. Check this video.

Check out this short video about Nordschleife:

List of tracks:

  • Nurburgring Combined VLN

  • Nurburgring Combined 24h - with 2016 real life replica cameras

  • Nurburgring Combined Long

  • Nurburgring Combined Short w/out Arena*

  • Nurburgring Nordschleife Industriefahrten

  • Nurburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten*

*Not available. Please share with me a race replay for this track and send it to Then I will be able to complete that track too.

Car cameras

  • Audi R8 GT3
  • Audi TCR
  • BMW Z4 GT3
  • Ferrari 488 GT3
  • Mercedes AMG GT3
  • Porsche 718 GT4
  • Porsche 911 GT3 CUP

Free tracks and free cars (also used in VLN) not listed here. The may be found in the base package.

Full featured Nordschleife and Combined tracks are available from a donation of $20 USD.

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